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Project Profile/Feasibility Report preparation for bank loan of small scale industries

We provide Project Profile/Feasibility Report preparation service for bank loan.

We are highly experienced in making project profile and feasibility study. We are working with project profile for a long time and we have a large number of satisfied clients in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, SriLanka, etc.
Project Profile

What is Project Profile,  Why do you require project Profile?

 If you want to set up a new industry, you have to know the business, project report with its feasibility, i.e. will it be profitable or not. For this purpose you will need research the market of the product you want to produce, the availability of raw materials, cost of raw materials, cost of utilities and the cost of finished goods in the long run. Sometimes, if you require a financial support from banks, they may demand the above reports. The organized report of your industry on the basis of these terms is called "Project Profile or Project report or Project Feasibility report".

Project Profile preparation

Who can prepare project profile?

Everyone who has the experience in market research, proper knowledge on the respective industry, the technology and the machinery used for that industry can prepare a project profile or project report. You also can do this with your laptop staying at home. But, if someone have not enough time or experience to do this, we can take the responsibility to prepare a standard project profile for your industry or business.


We prepare project profile/report of all kinds of industry.

If you are looking for any people or company to prepare the project profile of your business, industry or plant, then it is the right place to come here. We are highly experienced in making project profile and feasibility study. We have a some expert engineers and consultants from BUET and such other universities having experience in working with large industries to plan the projects, design the plants, select machinery and prepare reports. We are working with project profile/report for a long time and we have a large number of satisfied clients. If you are looking for project profile of small scale industries,  a consultant for project profile/report preparation of your business, or project profile/report for bank loan or other financial assistance; then you are now at the right place. Our prepared project profiles are accepted by Bangladesh Bank and other commercial banks.
Project Profile preparation

Where Do we work?

We work all around the world. Our base office is in Bangladesh. We have many satisfied customers in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

What type of business can you get our consultancy for? 

We prepare project report/profile of auto rice mill, cold storage, feed mill, oil mill, rice bran oil mill, bricks, auto bricks, or fly ash bricks projects, fishery projects, flour mill, garments, chemical, pharmaceuticals, IT projects, etc.

How much time required to make a project profile:

We need 3 to 7 days to prepare a project profile, in general. For some exceptional cases, the time may require up to 15 days. Whatever may be, We always try to give your project profile in time and work with  due responsibility.
Project Profile


How much cost to prepare a project profile?

We prepare project profile
The cost of  making a project profile with feasibility study may be BDT 50,000 to 150,000. The cost may be up to 300,000 taka for complicated project profile.

You know, the EEF unit of ICB Bangladesh is providing financial assistance to build new agro based industries in Bangladesh.
You may get up to 4.99 crore interest free loan from Bangladesh Bank to establish your industry .

Please contact us to know more about this program and see how we can help you to get this facility.
Call: +88-01716752370 for your project profile. Or email us to:  or go to our Contact page.
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100% Trusted Services

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