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Auto Bricks Making Machines

Clay Bricks Samples
CBECL is a leading and trusted auto bricks making machinery supplier in Bangladesh. We supply complete brick making machines with tunnel and Hoffman Kiln, install them and stay with you until the factory come into operation. We provide after sale services to our honorable clients up to 1 year free of charge. We co-operate the clients after this time too. We have machinery of auto bricks making plant from 20000 per day to 500000 pcs per day. Please contact us for details information, catalog, price and quotation.

Watch Videos of running machinery of auto bricks making plants. 

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Milk Processing Plants

We supply, install and provide after sale services of all kinds of milk processing plants and machines, dairy plant machines, ice cream processing machines, butter processing machines, cheese processing machines, uht milk processing plants, mini milk processing plants, cream separators, etc.

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milk processing plants and machines

milk processing plants and machines

Milk powder production line

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Our Markets:

Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

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