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Mini Auto Bricks Project

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Mini Auto Bricks Project in Bangladesh. Contact us for detail information of machinery, price and land requirement of mini auto bricks plant.

Mini Auto Bricks Project
Mini Auto Bricks Project in Bangladesh
Mini Auto Bricks Project in Bangladesh
CBECL is the expert manufacturer of Mini Auto Bricks Project in Bangladesh (Made in China). Our Mini Auto Bricks Project is very much suitable for small scale auto bricks production in Bangladesh. This machines are suitable for existing brick field owner who have Zigzag kiln and want to to continue sun drying. This Mini Auto Bricks plant will save your labor cost and time. The cost of machinery is not so high so the brick field owners can easily buy them with own cash.
Mini Auto Bricks plant working video.

Please contact us for your Mini Auto Bricks plant.

Auto Bricks Macinery in Bangladesh

We supply high quality auto bricks machinery in Bangladesh. We have many customers of auto bricks plant from prominent auto bricks manufacturing plants.
Auto bricks
Sample auto bricks

Please call us for price.

CBECL is a leading Auto bricks machinery dealer, auto bricks plant supplier working with the best auto bricks manufacturers, the best quality auto bricks company who have their own auto bricks factory. We are the auto bricks technology supplier company providing auto bricks equipment at the lowest rate, lower than factory rate.

Auto Bricks Manufacturers:

AM Auto Bricks Limited
AM Auto Bricks Limited is a sister concern of Abdul Monem group, a modern auto bricks industry, which was established in the year of 2011. It is located , as a prominent factory in this sector, at near of Meghna Ghat (South), Choto Raypara, Gazaria, Munshigonj. AM Auto Bricks Limited is producing Auto Bricks only.

Richmond Auto Bricks Ltd.

Richmond Auto Bricks, another modern auto bricks industry, owns a contemporary, low-emission automatic clay bricks plant which has latest firing systems supported by the automatic environment friendly brick manufacturing units to process green bricks. Its installed capacity is 30 million pcs of bricks a year.

Runner Bricks Ltd (RBL)
Runner Bricks Ltd (RBL), an automatic bricks manufacturing plant, is a sister concern of Runner Group, which started bricks making the commercial production in September 2005. This is the only automatic brick manufacturing and firing unit in the country which imported all its machineries from South Korea. Presently Runner Bricks Ltd's manufacturing capacity is about 50,000 pieces of bricks per day.

Boss auto bricks ltd.
Boss auto bricks ltd. is auto bricks Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh using latest technology. It is Located in Ashulia in Dhaka. It is producing High Quality Bricks Multi Quality Sizes and several categories. Boss auto bricks ltd. has Strong capabilities to supplying any kind of size and quality or of design.

Metrocem Auto Bricks Limited
Metrocem Auto Bricks Limited is a sister concern of the Metrocem Group. Metrocem Auto Bricks Limited was established in the Year 2011, located at Kalma, Jinjira, Savar, Dhaka. Metrocem Auto Bricks Limited is producing Auto Bricks, Fire Bricks and fancy items and Blocks.
Rex Auto Bricks Ltd
Auto bricks Manufacture
Diamond Auto-Bricks Ltd.

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Melamine Products Manufacturing Machinery

We supply Melamine Products Manufacturing Machinery in Bangladesh. Our Melamine Products Manufacturing Machinery are imported from China, EU, etc.
We have expert engineers to set up Melamine Products(melamine plate, melamine glass, melamine board, melamine sheets, melamine bowl, etc) Manufacturing Machinery in your industry, train man powers and provide after sale services.
Melamine Moulding Machine

We also supply Melamine Moulding Machine from China, Taiwan, Japan, Itali, etc. You Can get our High Quality Melamine Moulding Machine from Global Melamine Moulding Machine Suppliers and Melamine Moulding Machine Manufacturers.

Please contact us for your Melamine Products Manufacturing Machinery.

Leather Processing/production and Shoe Making Machinery

We supply all kinds of leather processing machinery, shoe making machinery, leather cutting machinery, leather jacket making machinery, leather bag making machinery, etc. We import machines from China, India, Taiwan, and EU.
We have expert engineers to set up the machinery in your factory, to train up your operators, etc. We provide after sale services for all our leather product manufacturing, processing or making machinery in Bangladesh.
Leather processing machine

Please contact us for your required leather products manufacturing machinery from us.

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