Bangladeshi importer and supplier of heavy industrial machines and plants.

Packaging Machinery

We supply all kinds of Rice/ Flour / powder/spice / dal / milk/ water / juice Packaging Machinery in Bangladesh. We have expert engineers to set up, provide training, and to provide after sale services.

Please contact us for your order of Rice/ Flour / powder/spice etc.  Packaging Machinery.

Packaging Machinery
Packaging Machinery

Rice Packaging Machinery
Rice Packaging Machinery

Rice Packaging Machinery
Rice Packaging Machinery

Flour / powder Packaging Machinery
Flour / powder Packaging Machinery

Rice/ Flour / powder/spice  Packaging Machinery
Rice/ Flour / powder/spice  Packaging Machinery
We also have:
  • Rice packaging machine
  • Flour packaging machine
  • Dal packaging machine
  • Spice packaging machine
  • Chanachur packaging machine
  •  Biscuit packaging machine
  • Oil Packaging machine
  • Water Packaging Machine
  • Powder Packaging Machine
  • Auxiliary Packaging Equipment
  • Blister Packaging Machines
  • Capping Machines
  • Coating Machines 
  • Milk Pounch Filling Machines
  • Gluing Machines 
  • Labeling Machines
  • Laminating Machines 
  • Multi-Function Packaging Machines 
  • Packaging Forming Machines
  • Packaging Line 
  • Packaging Machinery Parts 
  • Sealing Machines
  • Vacuum Packing Machines 
  • Wrapping Machines
Please contact us for your required Packaging Machinery.

Our Markets:

Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

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