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Wheat flour milling machinery

We supply, install all Wheat flour milling machinery , rice flour milling machinery, maize flour milling machinery and plants.


Cleaning section: sifter、scourer、desonter、magnet、Low pressure blower, Wheat washer, Vertical wheat scourer
Milling section:three time barking, three time mashing, one time bran brushing, Chain grind , Double bins sifter, Flour dampener,Vertical dampener , Blower, Grade sifter(with motor), Bran brusher, Air lock , Platform support , Standard parts and accessories ,Flour receiver , Power distribution cabinet ,Automatic packing machine ,One year spare part(sifter cloth, vee belt, bearings)

Equipment technique data:

Flour mill machinery

1、Production capacity:30tons/24hours - 100 tons/24 hours,grade 1 flour:output rate63~68%;grade 2
flour output rate75~78%。

2、Cleaning technics:two sifter、two scourer、two desonter、two magnet、one wash.

3、Milling section: Three time barking, three time mashing,one time bran brushing

4、Power:79.2kw- 125 kwh

5、Workshop dimension m(LxWxH)):15×6.0×4, height is below the roof height(It does not include wheat warehouse and flour warehouse)

Please contact us for your flour milling plants.

Our Markets:

Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

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