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Concrete Block Making Machines

We are supplying China & Italian Brand concrete block making machinery in Bangladesh. The concrete block machines can produce high quality concrete blocks, pavement blocks, concrete tiles, interlock. We assure that China engineers will help you to set up, operate and train your staffs. 

We are the local representative of concrete block making machine manufacturer from Italy and China for the market of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Srilanka.

We have concrete pole making machines, concrete pipe making machines, concrete mixing plant, or concrete batching plant, concrete mixer, stone crusher, pipe molds, pole molds, etc. from China, Italy.

Please contact us for details information, specification, capacity and price of concrete block making machines.

Concrete Block Making Machines
China Concrete Block Making Machine
Concrete block is environment friendly and cost effective. We should use concrete blocks for all kinds of construction works. The use of concrete block is easy and time saving also.
Block Making Machines
Made in China Block Making Machine
In Bangladesh and India, the government is encouraging people to use concrete block and makes it mandatory for government projects. So, concrete block making industry is very much hot business in Bangladesh and India.
Cement Block Making Machines
Small Scale block making machine from China

For block making industry, the sand, cement, stones and water is used as raw materials. So, we should use high quality concrete block making machines should be used for hassle free operation. For this reason, we suggest our customers the best quality block machinery from Italy or China.

Concrete Block Making Machine
Semi-automatic block making machine
We provide installation services, free training of stuffs, after sale services and regular project monitoring services to our customers. So, our customers can rely on us for smooth operation and services of their machines. We do replace the default machine if any major problem arises.
Mini Block Making Machines
Manual Block making machine
We help our customers to select proper location and land of project and marketing of finished products in their area. So, no tension about marketing of your products of concrete block making machine.
Mini Concrete Block Making Machines
Complete block making machine
Mobile type block making machine from Italy
Mobile type block making machine from Italy, this machine is user friendly but require more land area to operate. If you have huge land you can select this concrete block making machine.
Stationary type block making machine from Italy
Stationary type block making machine from Italy. This concrete block making machine requires small piece of land for operation, small area for curing the blocks and very few number of labor. You can produce many size and shape of blocks changing the molds only.
Please contact us for more details, product catalogs, price list and quotation for concrete block making machine. For your reference, C-90 model block making machine quotation is here to download.

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