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Concrete Pipe Making Machine

We supply concrete and reinforced concrete pipe making machine.

Reinforced concrete pipe machine: our company can supply you the whole production line of the reinforced concrete pipes and manholes.
Concrete Pipe Making Machine
Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Suspension Roller type Concrete pipe machine is a kind of perfect machine and equipment to produce reinforced concrete pipes and Pre-stressed concrete pipe. This machine can make pipes with diameter from 300-2500mm and length from 2-4meters. We can design many kinds of the pipe joint, including flush joint, socket& spigot joint And all the concrete pipes are widely used in administrative drainage, agricultural field irrigation, road culvert and deep water well.

What's the Character of reinforced concrete pipe making machine?

  1.  Short production Cycle: because of the good effect of the roller to compact the concrete, every pipe just need 3-5 minutes with high speed roller rotation.
  2. This Pipe machine uses the dry cast material, there will no waste cement mud, then it won’t pollute the environment.
  3.  During the production, the noise is low, it is about 80-90 DB
  4. The Concrete Pipes are with high pressure load and with high production efficiency.

What's the Feature of concrete pipe making machine? 

  1. Reinforced concrete pipe making machine could produce the concrete pipe diameter from 200mm to 2400mm and the length upto 4m.mouth type is flat joint, rabbet joint(male and female joint ,flexible joint),socket joint (Bell&spigot joint)
  2. Roller axis support pipe mold and press concrete inside the pipe mould. When pipe mold with roller axis rotates in high speed, the concrete becomes solid pipe by action of roller press and centrifugal force.

Roller suspension 
pipe machine
Vertical vibration 
pipe machine
Cage welding machine
2.End of flat socket & rabbet
3.Dry concrete
4.High quality
1.Full-automatic,high efficiency,
save labor
2.Use dry concrete 
3.Instant demoulding
4.Base or non-circular pipe
1.Easy to operate and 
2.Flush and socket the 
bell angel can be adjusted
3.PLC digital control system. 
And  synchronous ratio.
4.Frequency converter
5.Weld different diameter

Centrifugal pipe 
making machine
 concrete pole 
making machine
Concrete pipe mold
1.Dia:within 800mm 
2.Easy to operate
3.Smooth surface pipe
Make use of centrifugal force 
and pressure of the foot
1.Reasonable design 
3.Simple operation
4.High efficiency
1.Mold of flat
2.Mold of rabbet
3.Mold of socket
4.Made according to 
customer  requirement
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