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Jute Mill Machinery

We supply complete jute mill machinery and consultancy. Please contact us for details information.

Jute mill machinery in Bangladesh
Jute Processing Plant in Bangladesh
We are a leading supplier and technology provider of jute mill machinery in Bangladesh and abroad with direct support of Golden Eagle Mackie (UK) Limited.

There is a current trend within the Jute Industries of India and Bangladesh to increase the number of drawing passages when preparing the jute sliver for sacking.  

In the past 14 years, Golden Eagle has supplied 4922 Mackie jute machines valued at more than USD 123 million to the Jute Industry in Bangladesh.  This value includes orders for which we have received L/C's, but have not yet supplied jute machines.  Our clients in Bangladesh include the following Jute Mills:-

                     Akij Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Afil Jute Weaving Mills Ltd.
                     Janata Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Sadat Jute Industries Ltd.
                     Alhaj Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills (BD) Ltd.
                     Wahab Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Rajbari Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Fatima Alyaf Tala-E Jute Industries Ltd.
                     Teamex Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Alnas Jute Diversified Products Ltd.
                     Sidlaw Textiles (BD) Ltd.
                     Sagar Jute Spinners Ltd.
                     Jute Spinners Ltd.
                     Khandkar Traders
                     Madina Jute Spinners Ltd.
                     Karim Jute Spinners Ltd.
                     Razzaque Jute Spinners Ltd.
                     Usha Jute Spinners Ltd.
                     Shahnewaz Jute Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
                     Zamman Jute Diversified Products Ltd.
                     Partex Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.
                     Moon Star Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Altu Khan Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Wave Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Ferdaus Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Glory Jute Ltd.
                     Laxman Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Super Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Chobi Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Paiker Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Afrin Jute Spinning Ltd.
                     Haji Shamsuddin Jute Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
                     Phulhar Jute Mills
                     Salam Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Rahman Jute Spinners
                     Suruj Miah Jute Spinning Mills
                     Ahyan Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Kwality Jute Yarn Mills Ltd.
                     Sarah Composite Mills Ltd.
                     F.R. Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Golden Jute Industries. Ltd.
                     Motahar Chowdhury Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Aziz Fibres Ltd.
                     M. M. Jute Fibres & Industries Ltd.
                     Bengle Jute Twine (Pvt.) Ltd.
                     Reliance Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Bakshigonj Jute Spinners Ltd.
                     Asha Jute Industries Ltd.
                     Rupali Bengla Jute Mill
                     Jute Textile Mills Ltd.
                     Jobaida Karim Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Faridpur Jute Fibres Ltd.
                     M. H. Golden Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Afil Jute Mill Ltd.
                     Prime Jute Industries
                     A. H. Jute Spinners & Belting Ltd.
                     Rusana Jutex
                     Ranu Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
                     A. R. Jute Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
                     Shah Ismail Gazi (Rah) Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Shamsher Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Bangla Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Northern Jute Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
                     Hazrat Shah Chandrapuri Jute Mills Ltd.
                     Joy Jute Mills Ltd.

In addition, Golden Eagle has supplied more than 2294 Mackie jute machines to the Jute Industry in India at a total value of more than USD 27.6 million.

Our only other significant market for this type of equipment is Pakistan, where Golden Eagle has supplied 167 Mackie jute machines at a total value of more than USD 4.5 million.

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