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Cold Storage plants & Food processing machinery

Complete Cold Storage Plant and machines:

cold storage plant
    cold storage machie
  • Vegetable Washing Machine
  • Vegetable Cleaning Machine
  • Carrot Potato Slicing Machine
  • Mal functional Vegetable Sheet
  • Vegetable Blabingine Machine
  • Vegetable Dehydration Machine
  • Lukewarm water Cooling Machine
  • Elevating Machine
  • Blast Freezer
  • Refrigeration Compressors with oil Separator. SMC 8-100 E.
  • Refrigeration Compressors with oil Separator.
  • Motor Compton, ABB. GEA for compressors.
  • Atmospheric Condenser of MSC Class pipes of float heal rejection.
  • High pressure Receiver 30/20 with safety drain valve, gauge glass with valves
  • Air Cooling units of capacities FACHETA 463 for Cold storage.
  • Air Cooling units for low temperature cold storage
  • Accumulator with float controls for ACU’s Manik/Castell.
  • MSC Class Pipes
  • Suction line insulation of polystyrene with aluminum cladding
  • GI B class pipes for compressor and water jakelsb and pump water line
  • Mono block pump 10 hp of lexmojyoti make
cold store machinery


 Cold Storage Plant Price:

The price depends on capacity and size of cold store.

 It may be 10 lac to 10 crore BDT depending its capacity. If you have land and building ready to work, please contact us for more detail information, quotation and project profile of your cold storage.

Cold Storage plant Consultant:

cold storage machines
 We are a leading cold storage plant consultant in Bangladesh and abroad.
We have expert engineers on this business and have a long time experience in consultancy, installation of machinery and after sale services.

Please call us or contact by email for further information.

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