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Complete Auto Rice Milling plant and Machines

We provide, install and commission complete Modern parboiled Auto Rice Mill Machines, Mini rice mill machine, for new plants or BMRE of existing plants. including the following parboiled rice mill machines:
Auto Rice Mill Machines
CBECL, A trusted name in Auto rice milling machines supplier
  • Cleaning Machines: cleaning paddy.
  • De-Stoning Machines: to remove stones, alike materials.
  • Husking Machines
  • Separating Machines
  • Whitening Machines
  • Polishing Machines
  • Grading Machines
  • Color Sorting Machines, Packing machines, etc.

Auto Rice Milling Plant/Industry:
Rice milling machine

Auto Rice milling process flow diagram

Here is a brief description of rice mill industry for your reference-
There are four Sections of auto rice mill plants:

  1.  Parboiling Section
  2.  Drying Section
  3.  Milling Section
  4.  Bagging Section

Parboiling Section:

We supply auto rice milling plant with par boiling sections in Bangladesh, India, and all over the world.
90% of parboiling rice milling machinery in Bangladesh generally imported from India, though machines from Japan and Germany are better in quality but very much expensive as compared to Indian rice mill machines. Average cost of machine for parboiling section is about 155,000 US Dollar (Indian) for 100 tons/day capacity.

i) Cleaning Elevator-: To clean paddy from broken stone and Chita Paddy

ii) Boiler: Per day (assuming 16 Hrs per day) 50 to 100 Ton Paddy i.e 35 to 70 Ton rice (70% of paddy) is standard boiler for auto rice mills in Bangladesh. 3 or 4 Nos of boiler is needed.

iii) Tank: Extra tank is needed for Bitten rice and fried rice.

Drying Section:

Time duration for drying 06 hrs (per batch), 24 to 32 ton can dry (Per batch). Average cost of machine for Drying Section is about 155,000 US Dollar (Indian).

Milling Section:

In Bangladesh 90% Milling and Bagging machinery are imported from China, though machines from Japan (Satake) and Germany is better in quality but very much costly. Average cost of machine for milling section is about 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 US Dollar (China).
Complete Auto Rice Milling plant
Complete Auto Rice Milling plant

Husking Machine: Husk is used as a fuel of boiler and ash of husk is used in cement factory as a silica.

ii) Bran separator: Bran of rice is used to produce natural oil. 

iii) Polisher

iv) Whitening

v) Color sorter: It’s an Expensive machine. The cost of color sorter machine 60-70 Thousand US Dollar. It is used to separate black and weak rice. It works by a Camera. Number of camera depends on Channel.

Store: i) Raw Materials store with space for Load unload.

ii) Store for finished goods

Land required for Auto Rice Mill:

Land: For 100 ton production capacity 150 decimal land is required for auto rice mill. The more land, the more comfortable the operation.

And for auto rice mill of 50 ton capacity 100 decimal land is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Where do you import the auto rice milling machinery from?

Ans. We generally import auto rice mill machines from china, India and Germany. If you have your own choice of machinery sourcing, we also respect your choice.

Q. Do you provide any warranty?

Ans. Yes, we provide warranty for 1 year from the date of installation of the rice milling plants.

Q. Do you provide after sale services?

 Ans. Yes, we provide one year after sale services for all rice milling machine.

 Q. Do you prepare project profile or feasibility report for bank loan?

Ans. Yes, we provide before sale services for auto rice mill plants, like project profile preparation, feasibility study report, providing quotations for bank loan, etc. It is to mention that those services are not free, we demand some amount of money for these consultancy services.

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If you want to know more about our auto rice mill machinery, mini rice mill machinery, parboiled rice mill plant, our services and products, please contact us.

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