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Wheat flour milling machinery / Auto Flour Mill Machine

Flour Mill Machine in Bangladesh

flour mill in Bangladesh
We supply, install all Wheat flour milling machinery , rice flour milling machinery, maize flour milling machinery and plants.

In the world, the use of flour as food, raw materials to make other foods is increasing. So, the flour mill is a good business all over the world.

The machinery of flour mill are as follows:

Cleaning section: sifter、scourer、desonter、magnet、Low pressure blower, Wheat washer, Vertical wheat scourer

Milling section: three time barking, three time mashing, one time bran brushing, Chain grind , Double bins sifter, Flour dampener,Vertical dampener , Blower, Grade sifter(with motor), Bran brusher, Air lock , Platform support , Standard parts and accessories ,Flour receiver , Power distribution cabinet ,Automatic packing machine ,One year spare part(sifter cloth, vee belt, bearings).

Equipment technique data:
flour milling machinery

1、Production capacity:10tons/24hours - 1000 tons/24 hours,grade 1 flour:output rate63~68%;grade 2 flour output rate75~78%。

2、Cleaning technics:two sifter、two scourer、two desonter、two magnet、one wash.

3、Milling section: Three time barking, three time mashing,one time bran brushing

We provide turn-key solution of flour mill in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, South America, Algeria, Nigeria, etc. We make the foundation, factory building and supply machinery. You will get the full support at single place; a one stop solution.
Turkey Flour Mill Machine

Turkey Flour Mill Machine

Installation of machinery: We install the machinery of flour mill that we supply to our customers. We provide engineers, technicians, labors, erectors, to customers site to install the flour mill machinery perfectly.

After sale services: We provide after sale services to the customers of flour mill machinery all over the world. Our services are good, reliable and continuous. 

Warranty: Our flour mill machinery have one year warranty of services and spare parts.

Please contact us for your flour milling plants, machine and equipment.

Palm Oil Processing Plant Machines & project profile preparation

We are the first installer of Palm Oil Processing Plant in Bangladesh. We have Palm Oil Processing Plant of various capacities from 5 tons to 5000 tons per day.
Palm Oil Processing Plant
Palm Oil Processing Plant
Please contact us for detail information of our Palm Oil Processing Plants.

Complete Cold storage plant machinery | Cold Room | Mini Cold Store in Bangladesh

CBECL is a leading supplier of cold stores, cold rooms for preserving vegetables, fish / meat, seasonal fruits, medicine, milk etc. in Bangladesh. We provide complete solution of cold store machinery and equipment, cold store design and drawing, cold store construction, insulation and installation.
Cold store machinery and equipment supplier in Bangladesh
Prefabricated cold store is cost effective, time saving, easy to install and maintenance. CBECL provides turn key solution of cold store facilities in Bangladesh.

Cold storage plant

Cold storage plant

 Cold Store Design

We provide cold store design and drawing services in Bangladesh. We have an expert engineering team to design your cold store with proper calculation and measurements. If you are looking for a great designer for your cold rooms, please contact us without hesitation. 

Cold store construction

We are one of the leading construction company in Bangladesh. We provide prefabricated steel building construction services. For making a nice cold store, we can help you with confidence.

Cold Store Machinery and Equipment

We design our cold stores by equipment from Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea, USA and China. Collecting all the great equipment from around the world, we make your cold store with highest importance. We provide guarantee of our cold store equipment with after sale services and maintenance.

Cold Store cost in Bangladesh

The cost of cold store depends on the products you want to preserve, the capacity of cold store, the temperature of the environment, etc. It starts from BDT 15,00,000 to BDT 15,00,00,000. It may be as high as BDT 150,00,00,000 for large cold stores.

We provide all kinds of cold storage plants, mini Cold storage plant, cold rooms etc.

Please contact us for details of our Cold storage plants.


5000L UF mineral water treatment machine UF-1000I (5000LPH)

5000L UF mineral water treatment machine UF-1000I (5000LPH) Bottle water plant
UF mineral water treatment machine
Ultraviolet disinfection
bottle filling machine
Semi-auto blow molding machine
UF single grade mineral water treatment machine

A. system:
Water source raw water pump mechanical filter active
carbon filter Secondary filter UF unit water tank
B. description:
Feature A. Auto washing membrane, back wash
B. FRP pre-treatment tank
C. single grade UF system
D. water height water level auto stop, low water lever auto work
Pre-treatment tank
UF membranes , single grade
Raw water pump Mold
III. 5-10L bottle water filling machine
A. Parameter:
a. Bottle material: PET water bottle
b. Bottle volume: 4L- 10L
c. Produce capacity: 1000Bottles per hour for 5L
d. PET bottle washing type: pure water wash inside of bottle
e. Filling type: Using linear pressure filling.
f. Capping type: Linear single head capping, automatic grounds caps.
g. With conveyor:
B. Bottle washing
5000L UF mineral water bottle filling machine UF-1000I (5000LPH)
C. Filling:
D. Capping
Automatic grounds caps device
E. Fitting
IV. Blow molding machine
HY-C2 Semiautomatic bottle blow molding machine can produce PET containers including the bottles
for kinds of wine, drink ,soybean, vinegar, and pesticide (less than 10liters) according to the different
bottle shape and diameter. It has automobile system with high efficiency. The distant infrared ray heat
pipe are used in the machine ,It has high pressure protection with the feature of precisely removing
mould ,The machine has no noise ,It is easy to maintain ,It's the equipment for producing PET bottles.
Semi-automatic blow
moulding machine
High pressure air compressor Precision air filter
Air cold dryer Bottle drawing
V. Payment terms
Payment terms 50%deposit and balance before shipment by T/T
Packaging detail Wooden case
Container 20GP
Delivery time 35-45days
Guarantee period 1year
VI. Installation, testing, training
A. Installation & Testing:
We offer paid installation services. Demander pays the visa fee, insurances, transportation,
accommodation, food, and USD$100 per person per day as wages. Demander should prepare
all necessary conditions (such as water, power, piping, etc) before our technicians arrive onsite.
B. Training:
We will inform the demander to our factory when the equipment finished. And will have free
training about the operation, proper running, maintenance to the demander’s engineers.
C. Warranty:
This is a turn-key project. We will offer full set equipment& accessories that the project needed.
We will send engineers onsite with paid. Our engineers will offer training to the demander until
they know how to operate, maintenance.
If the equipment was broken down by non-human operation within 12 months, we will offer free
maintenance services.
We offer competitive equipment consumable products to the clients for a long run.

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