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Complete Cold storage plant machinery | Cold Room | Mini Cold Store in Bangladesh ~ China Bangla Engineers & Consultants Ltd

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Complete Cold storage plant machinery | Cold Room | Mini Cold Store in Bangladesh

CBECL is a leading supplier of cold stores, cold rooms for preserving vegetables, fish / meat, seasonal fruits, medicine, milk etc. in Bangladesh. We provide complete solution of cold store machinery and equipment, cold store design and drawing, cold store construction, insulation and installation.

Cold store machinery and equipment supplier in Bangladesh
Prefabricated cold store is cost effective, time saving, easy to install and maintenance. CBECL provides turn key solution of cold store facilities in Bangladesh.

Cold storage plant

Cold storage plant

 Cold Store Design

We provide cold store design and drawing services in Bangladesh. We have an expert engineering team to design your cold store with proper calculation and measurements. If you are looking for a great designer for your cold rooms, please contact us without hesitation. 

Cold store construction

We are one of the leading construction company in Bangladesh. We provide prefabricated steel building construction services. For making a nice cold store, we can help you with confidence.

Cold Store Machinery and Equipment

We design our cold stores by equipment from Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea, USA and China. Collecting all the great equipment from around the world, we make your cold store with highest importance. We provide guarantee of our cold store equipment with after sale services and maintenance.

Cold Store cost in Bangladesh

The cost of cold store depends on the products you want to preserve, the capacity of cold store, the temperature of the environment, etc. It starts from BDT 15,00,000 to BDT 15,00,00,000. It may be as high as BDT 150,00,00,000 for large cold stores.

We provide all kinds of cold storage plants, mini Cold storage plant, cold rooms etc.

Please contact us for details of our Cold storage plants.

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