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Wheat flour milling machinery / Auto Flour Mill Machine

Flour Mill Machine in Bangladesh

flour mill in Bangladesh
We supply, install all Wheat flour milling machinery , rice flour milling machinery, maize flour milling machinery and plants.

In the world, the use of flour as food, raw materials to make other foods is increasing. So, the flour mill is a good business all over the world.

The machinery of flour mill are as follows:

Cleaning section: sifter、scourer、desonter、magnet、Low pressure blower, Wheat washer, Vertical wheat scourer

Milling section: three time barking, three time mashing, one time bran brushing, Chain grind , Double bins sifter, Flour dampener,Vertical dampener , Blower, Grade sifter(with motor), Bran brusher, Air lock , Platform support , Standard parts and accessories ,Flour receiver , Power distribution cabinet ,Automatic packing machine ,One year spare part(sifter cloth, vee belt, bearings).

Equipment technique data:
flour milling machinery

1、Production capacity:10tons/24hours - 1000 tons/24 hours,grade 1 flour:output rate63~68%;grade 2 flour output rate75~78%。

2、Cleaning technics:two sifter、two scourer、two desonter、two magnet、one wash.

3、Milling section: Three time barking, three time mashing,one time bran brushing

We provide turn-key solution of flour mill in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, South America, Algeria, Nigeria, etc. We make the foundation, factory building and supply machinery. You will get the full support at single place; a one stop solution.
Turkey Flour Mill Machine

Turkey Flour Mill Machine

Installation of machinery: We install the machinery of flour mill that we supply to our customers. We provide engineers, technicians, labors, erectors, to customers site to install the flour mill machinery perfectly.

After sale services: We provide after sale services to the customers of flour mill machinery all over the world. Our services are good, reliable and continuous. 

Warranty: Our flour mill machinery have one year warranty of services and spare parts.

Please contact us for your flour milling plants, machine and equipment.

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