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China Diesel Generator

We supply diesel generators, China diesel generators, British diesel generators of all kinds and capacities.
Capacity from 5 KVA to 2000 KVA.
Type: Silent, super silent
Canopy: without canopy or with canopy
Alternator: Stamford alternators, other branded are also available.

Our diesel generators are durable and Eco-friendly.
For more information of your generator, please contact us.

 Diesel Generator Set Model: PS20 (20KVA Prime & 22 KVA
Standby) at 1500 rpm, 50 Hz, 3 phase, 4 wire, 400/230 volts at 0.8 power factor
CAPACITY (Prime) : 20 KVA CAPACITY (stand by) : 22 KVA
START SYSTEM : AutomaƟc Microcontroller based as well manual Start / Stop System
EMERGENCY STOP : Emergency Stop available as protecƟon device
VIBRATION SKID : Built-in vibraƟon skid for smooth operaƟon
BATTERY CHARGER : Auto BaƩery Charger (ABC) included
FUEL CONSUMPTION : 4 Ltr./Hr. at 80% Load

Engine Details:

BRAND/ORIGIN : Perkins, UK MODEL : 404D-22G
ENGINE TYPE : 4 stroke mulƟ cylinder industrial diesel Engine suitable for tropical environment
COOLING SYSTEM : Water cooled (Radiator cooled with engine driven fan)
PROTECTION : Over speed, under speed, oil pressure, Over heaƟng etc
FUEL TANK : Built in with base

Alternator Details :

 Industrial brushless AC Alternator model all other details are as follows:
BRAND/ORIGIN: Stamford UK Model/ Frequency : P144D, 50 Hz
PHASE : 3 Phase Output (Volts) : 400/415 volts (Line to line)
COOLING : Air cooling InsulaƟon Type : Class " H "
PROTECTION : Industrial brushless design screen protected, fan venƟlated, drip-proof, self
 exciƟng in accordance with IP23
VOLTAGE REGULATOR : AutomaƟc Voltage Regulator (AVR)
VOLTAGE REGULATION : ± 1% / ± 1.5% power factor between 0.8 lagging & unity

Control Module:

Deep Sea UK control system is incorporated with automaƟc set to manually & automaƟcally start & stop the
generator indicaƟng the operaƟon status and fault condiƟons via a graphical LCD display and a flashing LED on the
front panel. All other details are as follows:
CONTROL MODULE TYPE : Auto start (AMF) digital/Analogue control module
OPERATION : OperaƟon of the module is via push buƩons mounted on the front panel with
STOP, AUTO and MANUAL posiƟons etc
DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS : Ammeter, Voltmeter, Frequency meter, run hour meter, Oil Pressure, Water
Temperature etc.
ALARM INDICATOR : Under/Over Volts, Under/over speed, Under/Over Frequency, Low Oil Pressure,
High Engine Temperature, Fail to Start and Loss of speed sensing etc.
LOAD TRANSFER TIME : Adjustable, Delay on start 1 to 25 sec, Delay on transfer 1 to 70 sec
ENGINE COOLING TIME : 5 minutes maximum
PHASE FAILUE RELAY : Digital opƟon & control for Main's upper lower cut off voltage seƫng and
adjustable hysteresis voltage, sensing opƟon etc

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