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Rice bran oil production line ,plant machinery

We supply complete rice bran oil production line of capacity from 5 tons/day to 500 tons/day. The 5 tons per day rice bran oil plant will need approximately 25-30 tons rice bran per day as raw material. The total cost of project may be more or less 1,000,000 USD. 

The cost of project for 10 tons per day from about 50 tons rice bran may be approximately 1,500,000 USD. The cost for 50 tons per day from 250 tons bran will be approximately 6,000,000 USD. Larger capacity may also be possible. 

The rice bran oil production line is rising industrial sector in Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, etc. But, the preliminarily investment is higher than other oil manufacturing plants when we consider the capacity of production. So, the entrepreneurs should be clear about this matter. We prepare feasibility report and project profile of rice bran oil plant for bank loan or viability study.

Our rice bran oil plant machines are manufactured in China, and we provide 1 year service after sale.

Please contact us for detail information and quotation of rice bran oil production line.
Complete Rice Bran Oil Production Line
Complete Rice Bran Oil Production Line

The set of 20T/D rice bran oil machines include rice bran pre-treatment & pelleting equipment,rice bran oil extraction equipment with solvent and rice bran oil refining equipment. About 3.4 tons of crude oil can be got from 20 tons of rice bran.In extraction workshop,solvent is needed to extract oil. In oil refining workshop, phosphoric acid, caustic soda, salt, bleaching clay, etc.

Mini Rice  Bran Oil Production Line
Mini Rice  Bran Oil Production Line

Mini rice bran oil plant is not for commercial purpose. It is generally used for research purpose. We can provide Mini rice bran oil plant also. It is ranged from 100kg per hour to 1000kg per hour. The cost will be 30000 USD to 240000 USD.

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