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Become Our Partner ~ China Bangla Engineers & Consultants Ltd

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Become Our Partner

You can become our business partner referring your friend, customers and relatives.

We share 25% of our profits with our referral partners.

You can earn a large amount of money without any investment with us.

How it works?
It is simple. When you refer any customers to us we shall share 25% of our net profit with you. Just send a message or email to us with your name, address and email and or phone number and those of your buyer for tracking when you think the buyer is ready to purchase machinery products.

How much Can You Earn?
It depends on how much the referred buyer purchase from us. It may be up to $1000000
or BDT 80,00,000 even more per sale.

Example: Suppose you have referred a buyer who purchased machineries of amount $1000000
Suppose we have made profit 10% of sale : amount $100000
Your income will be: 25% of $100000 : $25000 or BDT  5,00,000 from a single deal.

Now! Start your business with us. 

For more info please contact us or visit our office.

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